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Splash was sold to Susanne Finkenauer of Vancouver BC,

UpdateSept 2008

I am riding him 2-3 days a week and Kelly Griffith is his part boarder, she has plans to show him in the hunters next year! He is doing very well and is such a joy! He is very bright and thinks a graet deal about new exercises that we are working on.

March 2006

Splash - now renamed Onyx --- is doing very well. He has an amazing temperament - extremely willing, catches on very quickly and wonderful to ride!

Splash is fabulous :) AMAZING personality. im falling in love wtih him every time i see him. His training is coming along much much better!!! i love it that he's so close to me...he's at the same barn my first horse was and people are in love with him too! they're super impressed with his personality as well.I go feed him breakfast and dinner everyday and take him in and out of his paddock and we've deifnelty bonded a LOT more now that he's closer to me. truly an amazing horse.!!!! i can see why u were so attachd to his mom if she's anything like him :)

We're glad it's working out so well, please send some new pic's for us to post.




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