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Calisto was shown successfully in the hunter classes in the US last year

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Calisto means "Most Beautiful" . An extremely correct and good looking bay colt with 2 hind white socks and a star, perhaps a step ahead of the others. This foal will be eligible for the Hanoverian Jumper programs in North America.

Calisto has grown up as we expected, a very special Contendro I son. Contendro has moved into 1st place among Hanoverian Jumper producing stallions, along with producing very good gaits. Calisto has acquired both of these traits along with the blood of Raphael one of the most prolific produces of jumping horses of all time. This colt should finish 16.2H,

SPS Raisa is a beautiful chestnut States Premium mare by Raphael / Werther 16.3 hands and fully accepted into the Hanoverian Jumper Program. Her overall temperament is her greatest asset, a very sweet and kind mare. Talented with jumper abilities and plenty of scope ( scored "9" on her MPT )

Numerous foals from Contendro's first crops were awarded premiums and sold especially well in Hanover. Several were admitted to the foal auctions in Verden, selling for prices that were well above average.

His pedigree also leaves nothing to be desired Contendro's sire, Contender who also won his stallion performance test and is one of today's most outstanding Holstein Verband sire personalities. The dam, Bravo, produced the top sire, Caretano by Caretino. In 2003 Contendro II became her third licensed son. The grand dam, Ofarim, had two licensed sons, Caballo and Conteur. Contendro I is highly inbred over the Anglo-Arabian stallion, Ramzes, a fact that has always played a significant role in line 104 a, Contendro's line. This line also produced the sires Capitano, Carloni, Carneval, Celano, Chicos Boy, Corland, Landego, Landetto, Laurin, Leuthen I and II, Lonely Boy as well as the top international horses Retina / Fritz Thiedemann, Athlet 90 and Corlanda, both ridden by Willi Melliger (SUI) and Athletico /Ludger Beerbaum.




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