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Please note that with the exception of Dr. Pepper and Providence, these stallions do not belong to us, they are stallions we have bred our mares to. Some of these stallions belong to the Hanoverian State Stud and are available through the German Verband. Follow the link on our home page.

Fabriano, was Champion of his 100-Day Test with an overall score of 133.02

placing 4th in dressage with 128.55 and first in jumping with 132.37

According to the Hanoverian Stallion Yearbook, Fabriano scored 136 on his mare’s dressage qualities, 125 on their jumping abilities and 157 on their foundation (leg scores/correctness), making him one of the very few stallions on the Hanoverian Verband’s “Toplist” for siring both outstanding dressage and jumping qualities.

Fabriano has produced eleven approved sons and over 80 state premium mares. To date he has presented 75 candidates and 21 foals for the Verden elite auctions.

Dr. Wilkens, managing director of the VhW, calls Fabriano “one of the best performance horse producers of Hannover’s breeding program today.” Fabriano passes on to his progeny elasticity, very good gaits, jumping ability and rideability together with a very good character.

Most German breeders know of the wonderful temperament, willing attitude and work ethic given by Fabriano. Rideability is of utmost importance to the vast majority of competitors today.


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